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About Us

This is who we are

Table of Contents.

1. Site Design
2. Marketing
3. Management.

Site Design:
 Owen Design (www.owenwebdesign.com) is a web development and marketing house.
Set up in 1996, we have since grown into a boutique Maltese development house, developing and marketing unique, professional and successful websites for select clientele. We are best known for precisely assessing client’s requirements and providing what is required on time, every time. Our work separates our clients from their competitors. Proof of satisfaction is the fact that our clients are our main source of new business as they continually refer new clients.
Our portfolio represents a wealth of experience covering websites ranging from well-known local businesses, organizations and individuals to international companies and organisations catering to a global audience. As per agreement, we cannot list such work in the portfolio, but suffice it to say that we have become F1 fans and close followers of top fashion houses in Paris and Milan.
Company branding, item launch marketing, concierge site updating, self-managed managed content solutions, social media campaigns, web hosting and domain registration are part and parcel of what we offer.
 At Owen Web Design, we offer an unmatched combination of experience and technical know-how to project your unique style to your target audience.


Edwin Ward of Ogilvy Malta:

Advertising and public relations veteran. Copywriter. Presenter.

Ed is a Scotsman like his mentor David Ogilvy, founding the current Ogilvy operations in Malta, Ogilvy & Mather advertising and Ogilvy PR, and has worked on clients such as Audi, AXA, Barclays, BAT, BIC, Bupa, Citroen, DHL, Dogs Trust, Gillette, GSK, Guardian, HSBC, Intercontinental, Kodak, Kraft, Lufthansa, Mitsubishi, Nestlé, Novartis, Philips, Porsche, Qatar Foundation, Relais & Chateaux, SAP, Shell, Western Union and Unilever. He carried out a major study of Health & Safety in Malta funded by the UK Government and led the study to identify new markets for the 4th largest global ship register.

Ed was involved in the creation of a new tourism brand identity, later launching a communications campaign across Europe, while simultaneously launching an internal brand campaign in the home market. He pioneered the use of a semiotic square in the hospitality industry preparing the brand identity for the €100 million Grand Hotel Excelsior.

Ed was a co-organiser of the Commonwealth Corporate Governance Conference with the Commonwealth Secretariat and is currently leading a marketing initiative for FinanceMalta.

He has run workshops on Branding for the Institute of Directors and is a visiting lecturer on Brand Identity and Brand Image at Malta University. Ed is working on:
- Product development (Brand Architecture)
- Communication (Branded advertising, content,  and entertainment)
- Brand lifecycle and positioning problems (rejuvenation process)
- Customer relationship management (loyalty strategy).

Organisational, operational and team leadership experience on multinational clients with Ogilvy. A passion for brand identity as the core element in consumer engagement.

Primary specialties:
Brand communication strategy; 360 engagement; regulated categories; brand identity.

Main fields: Luxury, tourism & hospitality, financial services, FMCG, software, mass retailing, sports, technology, telecommunications.

Specialties: Skills:
Advertising development, Advertising planning, Art direction, Brand strategy, Brand architecture, Brand identity, Brand image, Brand audit, Brand extension, Business consulting, Communication strategy, Competitive analysis, Competitive advantage, Concept development, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Differentiation, Education, Idea generation, Lecturing, Market research, Market segmentation, Media, Pitches, Positioning strategy, Presenting, Project management, PR, Senior level educator.



My name is Steven Cilia and I am the founder and owner of Kiribiss.com.  


As a client recently searching for something to rent, I realised that in order to rent an item or a service in Malta, the process is complicated and time-consuming. Using the “normal” way of looking for something to rent I found the following disadvantages for the consumer/client:

  •  The rental owners are hard to find. They are nearly lost in directories of thousands of owners who want to sell, not rent.

  • Very few rental businesses have their own specialised, but difficult to find websites

  • Many  local listings do not show up on search engines The websites they are on do not cater for this because these websites are not Search Engine optimised.

  • The filtering process is time-consuming and user un-friendly.

  • Many owners are listed in directories as renters in the wrong categories, and you will possibly discover that they have nothing to rent after all, or else it is not what you are really looking for.

  • I need to call several different owners in order to ask each of them their pricing. All this whilst not being able to see the item I am going to rent.

  • It is difficult to  be able to compare prices, and also item with item specifications.

  • I then call again the final winner of my choice to confirm my booking.

  • It is easy to need to make up to 10 time-consuming, different phone calls just to rent a skip for example.

Start the whole process above again if I am looking for something different to rent. Phew!

   So I thought to myself:  “This is so complicated!! No wonder that not many people try to rent something instead of buying it. It’s quicker to buy than to rent in Malta as things stand today!”   This got me thinking. There was not a reference point from which I could easily rent various items in Malta from one site. How could I help to resolve this problem? The most obvious answer was to create an online directory specialising in Maltese rentals only.  This is how the concept of Kiribiss.com started.  So after brainstorming the possibilities, I met up with my good friend Owen Sant’ Angelo who designs websites. He liked the idea so much that he decided to work with me on this project. It took us a good 2 years of evaluating the many options with which we could develop the best functional, user-friendly site. We opted to include the following points which would be advantageous to all rental businesses or individuals who decide to use Kiribiss.com as an advertising platform:  
1. Malta has a small geographic area. It’s Easy to find what you are looking for close by.

2. No registration fee

3. No advertising fee. (for Free listings)

4. Large variety of items to be found on one site. No shopping around required.

5. Time saving

6. Clients can compare prices

7. Clients can compare items

8. Transparent item rates
9. No booking, no charge policy for Free listings. (Commission only)

10. No need for your own website, or else it can complement what you  already have.

11. Kiribiss.com becomes your rentals website

12. We do all the marketing work.

13. A very specialised market (niche).

14. You can place almost anything for rent

15. You can find almost anything for rent.

16. You get “Qualified leads”. (ie. Only people very interested in renting something)

17. Customer and owner and product Star (Evaluation) rating system

18. Cost efficient. No investment needed (for Free).

19. Email notifications

20. Large variety of listing options to suite every budget

21. Variety of optional listing upgrades available

22. Competitive prices for listings

23. Full owner contact details for listings

24. Available to overseas clients as well.

25. Available for both individuals and rental businesses alike.

26. Optional Newsletter

27. No need to be tied down to year-long commitments

28.  Listings can be turned on and turned off again.

 And so, with all this in mind, Kiribiss.com was formed.

    As marketing of the Kiribiss.com rentals website is vital for the success of the businesses listed within the site, no expense is spared to provide the most up to date and effective marketing methods. To help us out in the marketing department, I discussed Kiribiss.com with a very experienced marketing manager, Edwin Ward of Ogilvy Malta. He is very meticulous in his work, and his insights to marketing strategies are second to none. We hope to be able to bring to you owners and clients, a website which will become the reference point for anything to do with rentals in Malta, or as some people call it, a One Stop Rentals Shop. We aim to reach two main goals:

To  make it easier for clients to find access to the rental, letting and hiring business community

To facilitate the ability for anyone to place items or services for rent or hire on a site available to a large community of clients

   As the majority of the site’s users will be Maltese, I thought that it is about time that we start having websites with Maltese names. Why not? This will not affect search engine optimisation and most of all, Kiribiss.com is so easy to remember and self-explanatory.

 Thank you for visiting Kiribiss.com. I hope you find it useful.



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