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Print Posted on 01/01/1970 in Social

Flight & Hotel Booking search now on Kiribiss.

Flight & Hotel Booking search now on Kiribiss.

Very few people would consider that booking a flight or hotel accommodation can actually count as renting a service, and not actually buying. 

If you had to actually stop and mull it over, after everything is over, what possession from the airline or the hotel do you end up owning? Zilch, really, except for the memories and an aching credit card as proof.

It is no different from when you rent the service of a nanny, a consultant, or a DJ. You use their service and enjoy their equipment, then you say goodbye.

It is with this line of reasoning that kiribiss is proud to introduce a flight and hotel booking service from within our own pages. It is mainly intended for anyone who is planning a trip away from Malta.

You can access it here.

You can also access it directly from the main menu on any page of the site as seen in the header image.

Why should I use it?

Our search engine includes two of the most powerful and popular flight and hotel search engines available. 

When you enter your search queries, these engines will scan multiple websites for the best and most relevant results, and present you with a summary of all the best searches from all the relevant providers in real time. This will save you a lot of time as compared to you having to search each different airline's website individually.

I tried it myself, and it did give me the exact same result as the airline's website.

So if you want to save time searching for the best flight or hotel for your next trip away from Malta, then the kiribiss.com Flight and Hotel Search engine is what you need.

Enjoy Your Trip.  

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