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Some Frequently asked questions about Kiribiss

What is Kiribiss.com?

Kiribiss.com is a web-based marketplace that allows individuals and businesses to list all kinds of items for renting out.

It also allows you to search for something within a wide range of different categories and use it  as a directory to find what you need  so that you can rent it in.

Kiribiss shows listings of all the items for rent along with their rental rates, specifications and owner contact details.

Who can join Kiribiss.com?

There are no special conditions for joining Kiribiss. Individuals, groups, businesses, public organisations or associations can all join our community.

Register for Free if you need to list any items to rent out. You will also be asked to Register for Free if you need to rent in items which are listed for on the site for free.

You can sign-up for our free newsletter without the need to register

Browsing is, of course, Free for anyone, anytime.

What's in it for me?

 For Professional Rental Businesses:

A) Boost your business's visibility through a user-friendly and widely used website dedicated exclusively to Rentals in Malta. Each of our visitors needs to rent something.

B) Access a practical booking service for your products which are listed for Free.

C) Promote your products individually on the only local website which allows you to fully show off your product's advantages. Make use of multiple photos, video, audio and detailed descriptions.

D) Reach new, qualified customers and win more business.

E) Free listings for the basic package.

F) Paid packages with rates which are hard to beat. We believe in providing the Best Value for Money on the island. Clients contact your business directly.

G) Have total control of what items you list, when you list them, and for how long you want to list them.

H) No need to deal with a salesperson every year. Manage everything online according to your budget and your needs.

For Individuals:

A) Find whatever you need, whenever you need it, wherever you are in our one-stop-shop rental platform.

B) Access new, fun and useful things and discover new activities.

C) Make money out of everything and anything you own.

D) Rent almost anything you can possibly imagine, to and from anyone and everyone, not just apartments and cars!

E) Do it all quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

For the community:

A) Promote a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of consumption.We believe in Reducing, Reusing and Recycling to reduce the carbon footprint of our community.

B) Tighten the community bonds, engaging with neighbours to get what you need, or support their needs.

C) Support local rental businesses during this recession, hopefully allowing them to grow and hire more people.

What options to advertise are available, and what does it cost?

There are multiple ways to advertise your products or services. These include:

  • Free listings
  • Paid listings
  • Banners
  • Advertorials (paid articles)
  • Events
  • Deals
  • Adverts (classifieds).

For a detailed overview of the prices , please go to Investment Costs page

Do I have to list my own items first to be able to rent out things from other people?

No, you can choose to rent only, list only or both.

Is there anything I cannot list?

On Kiribiss.com you can rent anything in Malta.....well almost anything.  In reality, there are various exclusions.

Yes, Kiribiss.com prohibits renting or selling such things as weapons, anything that is living and anything that is illegal, along with several other types of items. Please review KiriBiss.com`s Terms and Conditions for a complete list of items that are prohibited from being rented/advertised/displayed on our site.   

Can I buy things on Kiribiss?

It depends. Kiribiss is focused on spotlighting items for rent. We just connect owners of stuff with renters of stuff. So in this aspect, you could ask the owner whether he wants to sell you an item you might have rented. If he agrees, we are not going to stop you from buying it.

KiriBiss.com also has classified adverts. Most of the items in this section would be for sale. No problem there either. Good luck and happy buying.

How do I make sure the things I rent out, don’t get damaged?

As an owner, you set the deposit amount that is held by yourself, the Owner, until you are entirely satisfied that your item is in fine shape when it’s returned.  If it is damaged, you keep the deposit as compensation. 

This is the best way to protect your items. Also make sure the renter of your item pays you upfront before you rent them the item.

Who pays Kiribiss.com for this service?

It is the owner who does so. The owner of the item has 2 main options to list their item:

a) If they choose the Free option, then they pay a small commission fee which is a pre-determined percentage of the total rental cost.  This is only charged when bookings are confirmed. For Property, if a client sends a "Request to View", then agent commission fees are due depending on duration of rental period or type.

b) If they choose the Paid option, then the owner pays a pre-determined listing fee in advance, which allows them to list the items for the duration allowed with the package chosen. No commissions are charged with this option, irrespective of how many bookings they acquire.

How are payments carried out?

All payments for advertising on Kiribiss.com are made securely through PayPal, which accepts both major international credit cards and PayPal accounts.

If you do not have a credit card, or don't wish to use it for whatever reason, we also accept cash payments. Just call us and we will come pick up the payment ourselves. Otherwise, you can pay by cheque.

Payments for all rentals are agreed to and carried out between the owner and client outside of Kiribiss. 

What happens when something goes wrong? (loss, damage, no show at rental point)?

For any rental transaction, whether online or in the real world, a rental contract, or agreement, is established between the owner and the renter to confirm the deal and its conditions. The consequences of an incident are governed by this contract and of course by any legislation that is in effect.  In case of loss or damage of the rented item, the clauses regarding the security deposit are particularly helpful to resolve the issue. Kiribiss.com does not hold any liability in case of problems.

Is there a way to see whether renting will save me money as compared to buying? (valid for equipment, not property)

Below is a link to the Realtor.com website, where they have a Rent vs Buying calculator.

Rent vs. Buy Calculator

For Property listings, what are the options and related fees?

Free listings

Property listings can be added to kiribiss or free. However, the pathway for receiving bookings and the fees due, change when compared to other items in different categories.

Any client (lessee) who wishes to see or book the property listed for free, are required to contact kiribiss directly, who in turn will contact the owners (lessors) to arrange a viewing appointment (when requested). If a rental of this property goes through, then standard agent commission fees apply by Kiribiss. These are:

  • Short leases: 10% of the total rent 
  • Long leases: Half the first month’s rent
  • Commercial leases: 10% of the total annual rent  from the lessor and from the lessee


Paid listings

For property owners who prefer to avoid any commissions as listed above, owners can apply for a Paid listing with pre-determined fixed fees and durations varying from one month long, up to a full year. (see our rates here).

With this type of listing, any enquiries about renting by potential clients are directed directly through the owner, with no further obligation to kiribiss.com for successful deals or otherwise.

Can I integrate my social profiles through my dashboard?

With all paid listings, you can add your social media profiles which clients can then visit. These include FaceBook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.
What is Profile Page QR Code?

With the Profile Page QR Code, you can share your business information with people on various social platforms and invite them to check your business service out. This is a unique way of reaching more customers through short time advertisement strategy. All that your customer has to do is scan the QR code. Apart from that, you can also offer special service discounts using your Profile Page QR Code.

Can I edit my Business Information in Kiribiss?

Yes, you can edit your business information straight from Kiribiss’s Member Dashboard once you login to your account. Once you log in, click on the ‘Contact details’ option located on the left side of the Dashboard. You will be taken to the page from where you can make the edits.

Types of payment accepted?

Presently, Kiribiss accepts payment through All International Credit Cards via PayPal.

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